Collaborative Practice

Using a collaborative practitioner can help you resolve a variety of legal disputes outside of the courtroom. The process involves a team of people who are there to support, guide, and protect parties involved in settling the dispute. Each party has his or her own attorney, and third-party collaboratively-trained neutrals are on hand to provide advice and information.

For instance, in a Worcester, Massachusetts divorce, third-parties might include a divorce coach for the spouses, financial experts, child psychologists, and other people who are experts in issues that may be necessary for a divorce.

With collaborative practice, the people most affected by the outcome of the dispute are in charge of the outcome, but they have their lawyers with them during the negotiations so that they can make the best decisions possible. The goal is to create a mutually beneficial outcome that leaves everyone feeling as though they are walking away under the best possible circumstances.

One of the most important things you can do if you believe collaborative practice could help you resolve your legal issue is to work with attorneys who are experienced in this non-combative process. Whether you are seeking a divorce or you have a business dispute, Deirdre is a family and civil collaborative practitioner. If you would like to know more about collaborative practice in Worcester, Massachusetts, or you are ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your options, Deirdre Healy can help. For more information, contact her at 508-890-7900 or by email at

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