Virtual Mediation for your Divorce or Other Family-Related Issues

computer used for mediation

Throughout the pandemic, many industries have been forced to update their services. This has even translated to the legal system in many states. A majority of courts have transitioned to digital solutions to meet the needs of the pandemic. As legal services continue to adapt, Deirdre Healy and her office have also transitioned into offering primarily virtual services for the time being. This includes virtual mediation services for couples throughout Massachusetts. 

How Does Virtual Mediation Work?

Many couples seeking mediation services likely have questions about how virtual mediation works. Surprisingly, there are not many differences between in-person mediation and virtual mediation. As always Deirdre Healy will meet with couples to discuss their goals and provide mediation counseling. However, instead of meeting in person, online appointments can be made through a videoconference platform like Zoom. Through this platform couples can discuss their individual needs and work towards a solution that will benefit all involved parties. Once the parties finalize their agreement, Deirdre Healy and her office will prepare the necessary legal paperwork for the Court. The Court will use that paperwork to issue orders.

Virtual Mediation, Litigation, & Legal Services

If you are in need of mediation services either for your family or for your business, Deirdre Healy can help. Click here to contact Deirdre Healy’s office and set up a digital meeting. Disclaimer: any contact sent via email or via the website’s contact form does not establish attorney client privilege. Once you set up your meeting, Deirdre Healy can answer any questions you have about the process. Our office provides a variety of mediation and litigation services that we are continuing to provide during the pandemic. 

Setting Up an Appointment for Virtual Services

As we continue to navigate changes to how we do business, we want to make sure that everyone has access to legal services when they need them. The challenges of this time period have unfortunately impacted relationships between couples and between businesses. As a mediator, it is Deirdre Healy’s goal to find respectful and peaceful ways to handle disputes and establish beneficial solutions. To set up an appointment or get more information on mediation, please contact Deirdre Healy’s office

FAQ on Digital Mediation

During this pandemic, Deirdre Healy has continued to provide mediation and legal services to her clients throughout Worcester and the surrounding areas. Deirdre Healy works both with businesses and with couples that are seeking litigated, mediated or collaborated solutions. At this time all meetings are being held over video communication platforms and not in-person. As most courts have also shifted to primarily digital and virtual solutions, Deirdre Healy has also transitioned to conducting her services via online methods. Because this is a transition for all of us, we expect that there may be some common questions that we wanted to address. 

The most common question asked about online mediation services is whether or not full services are still offered. Many people question whether mediation is the same via on-line means.  People frequently assume an in-person meeting is better because of body language however virtual mediation can be better than an in-person meeting because their “buttons” are less likely to get pushed in a virtual setting and the mediator can use the technology to move the conversation along better than an in-person meeting. 

Any legal documents that need to be submitted are handled through digital transfer. To maintain security and privacy, documents will be sent through an encryption, cloud-based platform that is accessible via the internet or, if there is no private data on the documents then email.

Privacy is still a major priority when conducting any legal services. For that reason, the mediation session is locked and no recording is allowed.  The parties agree in writing to maintain confidentiality of the sessions. All meetings will be hosted through a safe, vetted, application with proper security measures in place. 

No, at this time many courts in Massachusetts are limiting in-person contact. Instead, you can utilize online methods to meet with your mediator, and go through the steps of mediation. Your mediator will prepare all documents and then coach you through the filing process and what to expect for your court hearing.

There are a variety of reasons an individual may decide they want to modify their existing court orders; changes to child support or parenting time are often reasons to request a modification. Modifications can still be achieved virtually through mediation through Deirdre Healy’s office during this time. Contact us for more information. 

Contact Deirdre Healy For More Information

For more information on digital mediation during the pandemic, please contact our offices by either emailing or sending a contact form. If you have any questions about mediation, how the process works or what is covered in mediation services, please send us a message. 

Disclaimer: Emails sent to do not establish lawyer/client relationship.