Getting a Divorce through Mediation in Westborough, MA

Divorce Mediation first began to become popular in the 1970’s as another option in handling divorce in Massachusetts.  One of the differences between traditional divorce and mediation is that the meetings are held in the more comfortable environment of the mediator’s office.  This atmosphere creates a more relaxed process which some couples find to be less stressful.  If you live in Westborough, Massachusetts or anywhere near Worcester and you want to learn more about divorce mediation and the procedure to do so, please feel free to contact me.  You and your spouse can meet at my office at 316 Main Street in Worcester to mediate your divorce.  Then when your documents are completed and signed, you can deliver the documents to the courthouse which is across the street.

I am a licensed attorney who focuses on divorce mediation in the area, contact me at 508.890.7900 or  Thanks for reading, Deirdre Healy, Esq.