Mediation for Modifying Current/Existing Orders

Deirdre Healy offers mediation services for couples who already have orders from the court so that their existing orders can be modified. There are a variety of reasons that couples want to modify or change an existing order. When certain circumstances change after a divorce that would, for example, affect parenting time, custody or child support, you may need to get your order modified.

Changing a current order by yourself can be daunting especially if you have already been through divorce or paternity litigation. Many parents choose to work with experienced divorce mediators for their modifications.

The best part about doing an uncontested modification is that it can be done administratively and the parties may not have to go to court at all.

A young couple going through mediation

How Mediation Works With Modifying Existing Orders

Mediation services have consistently grown in popularity for couples seeking an amicable resolution to their family law-related issues. When circumstances change for individuals after their divorce or paternity judgment, they can trust a mediator to handle changing their current orders. The individuals can meet with the mediator to explain the new circumstances as well as their goals with the modification. Similar to divorce mediation, this process is much less time consuming than going through traditional litigation.

Contact Deirdre Healy For Mediation Services

Deirdre Healy is an experienced mediator and divorce attorney in Worcester Massachusetts. She has helped many couples handle their separation outside of court. As part of this service, she also helps and supports couples modify their existing orders. Deirdre Healy helps couples find solutions for their family law issues so that a modification could be relatively easy. All paperwork will be handled and submitted by Deirdre Healy’s office, which makes modification much less of a headache.

Contact Deirdre Healy’s offices by calling 508-890-7900 or emailing We would be happy to go over the specifics of your order and your goals with modification.

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