Family Law Services in Worcester

Deidre Healy is an experienced family lawyer located in Worcester Massachusetts. She is also a member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation. There are a variety of legal disputes that happen within the family court that can be addressed through the process of mediation. Couples that are seeking a prenuptial agreement, separation, or are looking for similar services, can greatly benefit from mediation. Mediation is cost effective, saves time, and provides individuals with an alternative to traditional litigation. Mediation is highly recommended for couples & individuals that want to find solutions that maximize benefits for all parties involved.

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What Does Family Law Services Include?

There are a variety of legal services that fall under the category of family law. As the name suggests, any legal matter that might pertain to the relationships within a family including the relationships between spouses or the relationships between parents and children falls into this category. Here are a few things our law office can help you or your family with: 

  • Parenting Time: When parents separate, a large concern is how the children will be taken care of. There are a variety of options couples can consider when choosing parenting time. We recommend mediation so both parties can find a solution that works for them. 
  • Paternity Mediation: This service is for parents who are unmarried but planning to separate and have children still need to consider parenting time. Through paternity mediation, both parents can have a say in that process. 
  • Modifying Existing Orders: As life circumstances change, it may be necessary for a couple to modify an existing order from their separation or divorce. Deidre Healy can make modifications simple and straightforward. 
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Additionally, a family lawyer can help with legal services prior to marriage including prenuptial agreements. Once again, mediation is recommended as it can decrease any strife caused by the need for a prenuptial agreement by allowing all parties to make decisions throughout this process. 

How Does Mediation Work?

In recent years many couples have sought mediation over traditional litigation. In traditional litigation both parties get their own attorney and go through the court system to get the best outcome for one side. Mediation doesn’t involve separates sides. Instead both parties work with a single mediator, as they work the mediator will guide them through important questions that will factor into their legal outcome. Together, both parties craft a solution that they are both satisfied with. This process is quicker, more private, less harmful for any involved children, and generally makes it easier for the couple to adjust into their new lives without harboring resentment from the legal process. 

Contact Deirdre Healy To Set Up A Mediation Appointment

Deirdre Healy has helped many couples in the Worcester area through family mediation. She has the experience and resources necessary to assist both parties in creating an agreement that works for their particular needs. Contact Deirdre Healy today to discuss setting up a mediation appointment. Additionally, through online telecommunication platforms like Zoom, Deirdre Healy is able to provide her mediation services remotely. Contact our office for more information.