Paternity Mediation Service

People usually think of mediation in the context of getting a divorce but mediation services have helped thousands of unmarried couples figure out parenting arrangements and child support for their children. It is an amicable solution that is cost-effective, it takes less time, it is more private, and it is healthier for the family as a whole because it does not force members of the couple to fight one another for custody or parenting time.

Mediation for unmarried couples can address all child-related issues such as parenting time, child support and health insurance.

Why Unmarried Couples Should Use Mediation to Resolve Children’s Issues

When an unmarried couple has children together, and they decide to separate, it is still advisable to make sure that an official court order is put in place. A court order can outline the details of parenting arrangements, child support and other child-related issues such as education and insurance. In Massachusetts, the Mother has custody of the child/ren by default until there is a court order.  An unmarried couple could choose to litigate, however, with mediation, they can peacefully discuss and workout their own court order without the expensive legal fees or time-consuming court process. A mediator will handle everything from start to finish.  

How Paternity Mediation Works

Your mediator will provide you with a summary of the issues to discuss, however, if your mediator is not also an attorney, you will need someone else to help create and file the necessary paperwork with the court. Deirdre Healy is an experienced divorce attorney who helps couples through mediation and can handle all of the paperwork necessary for a paternity mediation between an unmarried couple. One of the benefits of paternity mediation is that through this process children can continue to have active and healthy relationships with both of their parents. 

More Information on Parenting Time, Visitation, & Custody

Unmarried couples that are seeking mediation will likely need to choose parenting time schedules. Because every family is different, and parents will have different schedules and may choose to live in different areas, choosing the right plan can be challenging. An experienced mediator can help guide you through this process. There are a variety of options that a mediator will share with the couple. The goal is always to find an option that both parents are satisfied with and that is best for the children. Visit our page on parenting time to learn more about schedules and how mediation can help with setting up parenting time and amending existing orders to reflect any changes in either parent’s vocation or residence.

Contact Deirdre Healy To Set Up A Mediation Appointment

Deirdre Healy has helped many couples in the Worcester area navigate the challenges of separation. This includes unmarried couples with children. She has the experience and resources necessary to assist both parents in finding the right plan for them. Contact Deirdre Healy today to discuss setting up a mediation appointment.