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Ideally, no family would ever be forced to deal with a legal dispute, but all too often they arise. In many cases, these disputes are related to the end of a marriage. A couple that intended to spend the rest of their lives together decide it is no longer working and they need to alter their situation. Mediation can ease the transition from married life to living separately with a plan for maintaining a good relationship with their children.

Family mediation focuses on respectful communication. It puts those most affected by the outcome of the dispute in charge of the resolution. Instead of a lengthy and expensive process that drags family members into court, mediation makes it easier to resolve even the most contentious issues. Whether you are a married couple trying to decide what is best for your children or you are dealing with another type of family dispute, mediation gives you a path to a peaceful resolution.

Family Mediation Services

For couples in the Worcester area that are seeking an “amicable divorce,” Deirdre Healy can help through the entire process. As both a mediator and a divorce lawyer, Deirdre Healy can help couples find and agree on meaningful solutions. Mediation is quicker, requires less time spent in court, and is arguably a healthier way to handle a separation.

Deirdre Healy often works with divorced or divorcing couples, but mediation can also be used with couples who were never legally married. These cases are call paternity complaints. Learn more about paternity mediation here.

For couples with children, parenting time is a top priority, not only is it common for both parents to have specific expectations and goals regarding parenting time, and there are many available options to go over. Deirdre Healy works with couples to find the best parenting time solutions.

As part of her collaborative practice services, Deirdre Healy provides mediation coaching to couples and individuals that are looking to assemble a team of experienced practitioners to help mitigate the separation process. 

Couples who already have orders from the court that need to be modified in any way can work with Deirdre Healy. As a mediator and experienced divorce attorney, she can handle the legal work necessary to modify and existing order. The benefit of modifying an order through a mediator is that an uncontested modification can be handled without either party needing to go to court. Learn more.

Choosing mediation for prenuptial agreements can help protect the interests of both parties and create an agreement that works best for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about prenuptial agreement mediation, please click here

The key to a successful family mediation process is an experienced and compassionate mediator. Deirdre Healy can help. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Deirdre in Worcester, Massachusetts, contact her at 508.890.7900 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions on Mediation

One of the key benefits of mediation is that it is much quicker than traditional litigation. Sessions usually last about an hour and a half and it is possible to reach an agreement and create a settlement in only a few sessions. Comparatively, divorce through litigation can take months. Overall, mediation’s length varies from couple to couple and from mediator to mediator. Depending on what the couple wants, mediation can be very quick or can take longer. 

Mediation involves a neutral third party mediating issues between the couple.  It is a simple straightforward process which means that there may be no lawyers present and the process can be fairly quick. Although these may sound like benefits, some parties prefer to have legal counsel and to have their case heard by a judge. One solution to this is to work with a mediator who is also a lawyer with experience in divorce cases. Or to have a mediation-friendly family lawyer coach you through the mediation process.

Yes. In order for mediation to work, both parties must voluntarily attend mediation sessions and work towards a common solution. This can involve also having lawyers present or meeting with the mediator alone, regardless, mediation is only successful when it is used by both parties.

Couples can bring evidence to mediation, although a mediator is not a judge. Any evidence brought can help the mediator better understand the nature of the couple’s financial partnership and help them make informed suggestions.

Many mediators charge by the hour and charge a flat fee for the document preparation.  Depending on where the mediator is located, in Massachusetts hourly rates might range from $200 to $500 an hour. 

Different states have different laws regarding mediation, however, in many cases, mediators do not need to be attorneys or have passed the bar. Mediators are required to complete training and be a member of a mediation organization. Many couples choose to work with mediators who are also lawyers because they have more experience with litigation and understand the process.

Mediation is confidential, anything discussed with a mediator during the process of mediation will be confidential. Confidentiality helps keep mediation sessions candid and open, and it allows both parties to be honest without fear of what they say being used against them. 

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If you have other questions about mediation services in Massachusetts, contact Deirdre Healy’s office in Worcester. She can help answer you or your partner’s questions about mediation. In the meantime, check out this booklet on the core advantages of mediation.

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