Divorce & Mediation Services for Same Sex Couples

Back in 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage when the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts made it’s ruling in May of that year. Massachusetts was the sixth jurisdiction in the world to legalize same-sex marriage and the first state to issue marriage licenses in America. With more than 15 years since the legalization of same-sex marriage, many couples have enjoyed the right to wed. However, when couples choose to separate, they have many options for how to handle their separation.

Mediation Services For Same-Sex Couples

When it comes to handling a divorce or separation, mediation is the most cost-effective way to handle the situation and leads to the most amicable results. Instead of relying on traditional divorce proceedings, where both parties hire an individual lawyer to handle their case, mediation avoids the courtroom altogether. A mediator meets with a couple to discuss everything from custody and child support to asset management. More and more couples use mediation services because they allow families to peacefully handle separation proceedings. Mediation can also be used to modify or edit existing agreements without having to waste time and money setting court dates. Although, possibly the greatest benefit of working with a mediator is the win-win mentality. With traditional divorce proceedings, it is often the case that one side is trying to “beat” the other side. When working with the mediator, the goal is for all parties to reach an amicable compromise and find a solution that benefits everyone.

Work With Deirdre Healy, Attorney At Law

Deirdre Healy represents same-sex couples as a licensed mediator and divorce attorney. Deirdre Healy works primarily as a mediator outside of the courtroom who handles all the legal work required to separate. Deirdre Healy also works in collaborative practice where couples or individuals hire a team to handle all the ins and outs of divorce proceedings. To learn more, contact Deirdre Healy via our website.