How To Achieve an “Amicable Divorce” Through Mediation

Divorce is never a pleasant process. Traditionally it involves, multiple court dates, lawyers, witnesses, paperwork, and leaves all parties feeling hurt, angry, and both physically and emotionally exhausted. And even after it is all over, it isn’t over. The way things proceed during your separation will continue to echo into your future, especially if you have kids and have to figure out parenting time. That is why more and more couples are looking into “amicable divorces” through mediation.

What Is an Amicable Divorce?

An amicable divorce is a term designed to describe separation through a mediator instead of a court system. Although many people cannot imagine this, it is not only possible but actually becoming more popular over time. Amicable divorces happen outside of the courtroom and are designed to find win-win solutions for couples. Instead of two lawyers fighting on behalf of two people in front of a judge, an amicable divorce is the combination of legal counsel and mediation. A mediator will meet with the couple to discuss goals moving forward and help the couple find compromises that work for them both. This can include figuring out property ownership as well as family time.

Is An Amicable Divorce Right For Us?

Many couples question if amicable divorce is a possible option for them. What that will come down to is what the couple wants. Generally, mediators will say that many couples who are unsure if mediation is possible for them, should try it. Not only does it save money and avoid wasted time in court, but it is also the best way for both members of a couple to transition into their new lives in a healthy way. Instead of holding grudges and resentment after a long drawn out legal battle, ex-couples can move forward with their lives and go their separate ways peacefully. An amicable divorce is right for any couple that wants to work things out peacefully, is open to compromise, does not want to hold grudges, wants to put their children first, and/or does not want to place blame on the other party for the separation.

How To Amicably Divorce?

The first step in amicably divorcing is working with your partner to find a good mediator. If you live in Worcester Massachusetts or the surrounding area, you should work with Deirdre Healy. Deirdre Healy is an attorney and mediator who focuses on helping couples find parenting plans that work for both of them. Deirdre Healy is dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for couples to respectfully work out the details of their separation.