Mediation Services During COVID-19

COVID-19 has greatly influenced people throughout our country. Both businesses and individuals are struggling to maintain and adapt to the “new normal” in the wake of this pandemic. In Massachusetts, and in many surrounding states, there have been a variety of recommendations and policies from our government that require individuals to stay home as often as possible. This has created many issues for businesses as well as for couples. During this time, business mediation, counseling, and family mediation can be helpful for people struggling with conflict. Although many mediators have closed their offices due to COVID-19, many have started offering digital or virtual consultations.

Virtual Business Mediation During COVID-19

The pandemic has led to significant strain for businesses throughout America. With businesses being slowed down, and some pausing entirely, disputes and conflict were bound to arise. Mediation continues to be the best way for parties to handle any issues surrounding internal and external business conflicts. Not only does mediation lead to faster results, but it also is less expensive and leads to results that are beneficial to all parties involved. Through business mediation, two or more parties can virtually work with a mediator to work out a legal solution to their issue that does not require traditional litigation. For businesses in Massachusetts, you can set up a mediation appointment with Deirdre Healy’s office by clicking this link and filling out our form.

Family Mediation During COVID-19

New living situations have also added strain to relationships in Massachusetts. In this extremely difficult time, it’s recommended that couples seek out healthy solutions. It is normal to feel stressed and to have arguments because of the dire nature of what has happened in our country. However, if separation becomes necessary, mediation can help. There are services to help house members of a couple that need space during this time. Through mediation, couples can begin working out an agreement that works for both members. A mediator can help discuss parenting time, paternity mediation (mediation for unmarried couples planning to separate), and help modify existing orders. This time is extremely volatile, and it is understandable that couples may need these services. That is why Deirdre Healy is offering online mediation services to couples seeking separation. To set up an appointment please email our office at

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