2020 Guide for Online Mediation Services

Mediation has greatly increased in popularity over the last decade as an alternative method to facilitate legal separation between spouses. Compared to traditional litigation, mediation is less expensive, takes less time, and leads to better outcomes as both parties work towards a solution that is mutually beneficial. Instead of wasting time, money, and emotional energy on long court battles, mediation seeks to make the process quick and as painless as possible. With that in mind, 2020 has increased the need for mediation to evolve even further with digital and online mediation.

Online Mediation Services

Although some practices had provided online mediation alternatives in the past, mediation was most commonly done in person with the mediator. Many mediators prefer an in-person approach to help guide the separating couple and facilitate the necessary conversations. Thankfully with our modern digital world, it isn’t impossible to have conversations digitally. Due to the pandemic that has become almost mandatory for couples seeking separation. Many mediators have closed their offices, and courts have shifted to online solutions to decrease the number of individuals in their buildings during the pandemic. Couples seeking mediation services, now need to turn to online methods to facilitate the process.

How To Prepare For Online Mediation

A common question is how to prepare for online mediation and ensure that the process is not hampered by the limits of technology. The first requirement is that all parties have the appropriate technology at their disposal. This generally means a smartphone or a laptop with a webcam and a strong wifi internet connection. Additionally, it is recommended that individuals download and install the appropriate software as well as familiarize themselves with any telecommunication programs they will be using. Most mediators are utilizing video call programs like Zoom, that allow individuals to both see and hear each other during a call. Aside from understanding the program you are using and having it readily available it is important to understand security.

Maintaining Security During Online Mediation

Many mediators worried about how utilizing video call programs like Zoom would affect the privacy of their sessions. In-person sessions are meant to only be attended by the mediator, their clients, and any other parties approved to attend. It is important that couples seeking mediation services can call in from a private location where they will not be interrupted. It is also recommended that individuals utilize headphones to further increase privacy if there are other parties living in the room you are calling from. Additionally, many video call programs have recording options, it is important that these options are disabled to further decrease any concerns about security and privacy.

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