Why Parents With Children Should Use Mediation

When mediators talk about the benefits of mediation over traditional divorce litigation, there are a few keywords that consistently come up. Many mediators will share how it is more cost-effective, quicker, and more painless than going through the court system. And while all those are true, one of the best benefits of mediation and best reasons to choose mediation is that it is better for families. 

Drawbacks of Traditional Divorce for Families

Let’s face it, no matter what you do, separation is going to present challenges. This is especially true if you have young children. But it is often better for all parties involved for the family to separate than for the family to stay together with a plan to separate as soon as children reach a certain age. If the family dynamic has become dysfunctional, it can be more harmful to stay in that environment than to transition away from it. That being said, there is no easy way to make that transition. But there are harder ways. Traditional divorce litigation hinges on two different lawyers or legal teams battling against each other. This can be very mentally and emotionally draining especially for kids. Additionally, the process is also longer, and the results generally do not involve a solution that works for everyone. 

Benefits of Mediation For Children

Conversely, mediation does not require a courtroom, discovery of evidence, and for the most part, children can be left out of the process. Privacy is a great benefit to mediation. Because the parents are working together with the mediator, everything can stay between that group instead of publicly getting brought up in court. Because mediation is by nature non-combative, there is not as high an emotional/physical toll on the involved parties. The mediator will help couples choose parenting time that works for their schedules, their children’s best interests, and the geographic locations of the two new homes. Mediation creates a foundation for mutual respect, collaboration, and compromise. And although mediation is not always possible for every couple, couples that want the best for their children should consider mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce. 

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