Frequently Asked Questions About Couple’s Mediation

Mediation is one of a few different options a couple may choose when getting separated. Mediation boasts many advantages over traditional litigation. The primary difference between the two methods is that with normal litigation each party has its own attorney, and in mediation, there is only one person you work with. Mediation is founded on the concept that the best outcome is one that each party has a hand in, instead of which party “wins” in court. Mediation is not nearly as publicized as divorce, and unfortunately many don’t even know it exists. If you are researching mediation or have questions, our office would be happy to speak with you and discuss your thoughts. In the meantime here are some answers to some of the most asked questions.

What Questions Do Mediators Ask Couples?

A mediator’s goal is not to lead the conversation. The goal of a mediator is to ask simple questions and bring up topics for both parties to discuss. A mediator may use questions to get more information about the couple or use questions to bring up any topics that have not come up organically. But overall, a mediator is not trying to lead the conversation in any direction other than keeping the conversation going and providing their experience.

Can You Bring Evidence To Mediation Meetings?

While yes you can bring evidence to a mediation meeting, it is important to understand a mediator is not a judge. Your mediator is not deciding anything for you or your spouse. The goal of a mediator is to simply act as a guide through the process so that you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement. That being said some evidence may be helpful for the mediator to understand the intricacies of your relationship. Providing pay stubs or tax returns for instance may help the mediator understand both party’s incomes and make recommendations based on that evidence.

How Do I Prepare For Mediation?

When preparing for mediation one of the most important things is picking the right mediator. It is important to do your due diligence to find a mediator who will help both you and your spouse. Finding a highly skilled and experienced mediator is paramount. Many couples look for mediators who have experience in family law and can provide their knowledge to their clients. Additionally, you and your spouse need to come to mediation with the goal of collaboration. This can be difficult to manage, but it is very important that both parties are willing to communicate and work together during the process.

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