Why Businesses Should Consider Mediation

When many people hear the term “mediation”, they think of divorce. Mediation is often used within family law to help parents and married couples handle the proceedings of their separation. However, as a process, mediation can be applied to many legal disputes, and the benefits it provides families are equally a boon to small businesses. Small businesses have a lot going on day-to-day. To sustain and grow your business you likely have to work with many clients, third parties, and contractors. When a dispute arises, business mediation can help ensure that the process goes smoothly.

Control Over The Outcome

One of the most common reasons people turn to mediation is that outcomes are controlled by the participants. In traditional litigation, outcomes are decided by the court system. In mediation, all parties are involved in the process of creating the settlement or court order and submit it to the courts. This means that all parties can have a say in the final outcome and do not have to worry about over-spending on attorneys in hopes to secure a “win”.

Privacy For All Parties

Another reason to use mediation is to protect personal privacy. In traditional litigation, there is less privacy. Any details that might be important for the court to have can come out during discovery. Many small businesses, employees, and contractors prefer to use mediators because it means they can maintain a certain degree of privacy.

Mediation Costs vs Litigation

One key reason people pick mediation is that the costs tend to be more favorable. In traditional litigation, everyone is responsible for finding their own representation. This means that total costs reflect how many individual parties are involved in the dispute. Additionally, this can create a sense of competition between parties. Many individuals fear that other parties might have an advantage in court because they are paying more for legal representation. Mediation takes away this sense of competition by having all parties work through a single mediator.

Mediation Delivers Results Quickly

Another benefit of business mediation is the expedited timeline. Assuming everyone can meet and stick to a schedule, and assuming everyone can work together, the process of mediation runs relatively quick. This means that employees and employers do not have to sacrifice too many hours from their companies. Instead, everyone can quickly work with their mediator to come up with a solution that maximizes benefits for all parties involved. This also decreases wait times for court appointments.

Business Mediation in Worcester Massachusetts

If you own a business in Worcester or Greater Boston, consider hiring Deirdre Healy for business mediation services. As a mediator and attorney, she can help you solve disputes amicably and efficiently. For more information please contact our office.