Limited Assistance Representation

The Massachusetts Probate and Family Court allows for something called Limited Assistance Representation, or LAR, which is an unbundling of legal services which can limit the costs to a client. The LAR attorney can assist with a part of the client’s legal matter such as an appearance for a hearing or completion of paperwork.

In a typical attorney-client relationship in Worcester, Massachusetts, there is a general representation for the duration of the entire case. In LAR, clients are able to work with an attorney for just part of a case, which they might choose to do during a crucial event or if they want documents to be properly prepared.

In LAR, the attorney and client enter into a detailed contract that specifically describes the tasks for which the attorney is responsible and what tasks are left to the client. It is important to understand that the LAR attorney is not there indefinitely, but instead has a defined role from the very beginning of the relationship.

LAR makes having the support and guidance of an attorney possible, even if your budget for legal assistance is small. The key to LAR working successfully is to choose an attorney who has experience working in this role. For more information or to schedule an appointment with Deirdre Healy, an experienced Worcester, Massachusetts attorney who was trained in LAR, contact her at 508-890-7900 or by email at