Online Mediation Services in Boston MA

Boston Massachusetts is the capital of the state and the most populated area. A large number of Massachusetts residents commute to either Boston or Worcester and find themselves between the two metropolitan areas of the state. With so many people, families, and businesses throughout Greater Boston, there is often an overwhelming need for litigation, mediation, and legal services for Boston residents. As a member of the Massachusetts Bar, Deidre Healy provides online mediation services to couples and businesses throughout the state. Through mediation, individuals can save time, money, and most importantly find solutions that benefit all of the parties involved.

Couples Mediation in Boston

Making the decision to legally separate is an extremely challenging one. But when that decision has been made it can seem like there are endless obstacles and costs for the couple looking to separate. Mediation services provide fast, affordable, and effective ways to legally separate. A traditional divorce involves both parties acting independently of one another, both hire their own lawyers, and there is a long drawn out legal battle that can be financially and emotionally exhausting. Mediation on the other hand allows a couple to work together towards a compromise. Mediation is guided by an experienced mediator who can help the couple make important decisions for themselves and their families. Our office provides a variety of family mediation services. Helping parents plan parenting time, modifying existing orders as needed, and providing general support can help a couple effectively cover their bases and continue on with their lives. Our office also provides online mediation services. Using telecommunication software, couples can video chat with Deirdre Healy and get the exact same services that they would in person. For more information contact Deirdre Healy.  

Business Mediation For Companies in Boston

Boston is also home to many companies, from large corporations to small startups. As any CEO knows, running a company can lead to many internal and external conflicts. Whether there are conflicts between coworkers or between companies, business mediation can help. Similar to couples mediation, business mediation allows multiple parties involved in a business dispute to work out a solution that satisfies all of the involved parties. The key benefits of business mediation are cost effectiveness, time, and of course privacy. These benefits are great for all parties involved, a public dispute can hurt companies and individual employees, and the fees associated with traditional litigation can often be a mitigating factor that discourages parties to fight for a beneficial outcome. Through mediation, all parties have the ability to amicably and quietly work out a solution that they can agree on. 

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