Online Mediation Services in Brookline MA

Brookline is a part of Greater Boston and is home to about 60,000 people and hundreds of businesses. As a mediator for both families and businesses in Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy works with couples and individuals throughout the state including in Brookline. Through online mediation, businesses and couples can gain access to legal support and help find solutions that work best for all parties involved. Many businesses and families utilize mediation instead of traditional litigation because it is more affordable, takes less time, preserves privacy, and provides parties with more control over the outcomes of their disputes.

Online Couples Mediation for Brookline MA

Deidre Healy has provided family mediation services at her office in Worcester for years. However in 2020, due to the nature of the national pandemic, she like many other attorneys began to offer online legal services. This meant that couples throughout the state of Massachusetts could work with Deirdre Healy and her offices without needing to travel to her office in Worcester. In fact many couples prefer online mediation to traditional in-person meetings as it allows for more flexibility in individual schedules. In the event that one party could not make it to a meeting on time due to where they are living or where they work, online mediation makes it easier and more convenient. As long as both members of the couple have access to a webcam and telecommunication software like Zoom, it is easy to meet with a mediator. Deirdre Healy can help couples modify existing orders that need to be changed due to new life circumstances, help couples figure parenting time, and help couples separate amicably. For more information on her online mediation services please contact Deirdre Healy.  

Digital Business Mediation in Brookline

Aside from couples, Deirdre Healy also assists with business’ legal disputes throughout the state. Her business mediation services are designed to assit businesses that would like to avoid the costs and downsides of traditional litigation. Just like family mediation, business mediation allows employees, owners, and third parties to amicably workout a solution that benefits all parties involved. It is an ideal system for individuals looking to preserve their privacy, avoid expensive legal fees, and for people who want more control over the outcome of their dispute. Business mediation can be done online just like mediation for families. As long as all parties have access to sufficient technology and are available for meetings, Deirdre Healy can help them reach a compromise that benefits all involved. 

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