Online Mediation Services in Cambridge MA

Cambridge Massachusetts, is host to some of Massachusetts’ and America’s most prestigious schools. Additionally, Cambridge is home to hundreds of businesses, start-ups, and companies in the the tech industry. As an attorney and mediator in Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy has worked with dozens of couples and businesses throughout the state to provide mediation services. In early 2020, the pandemic caused many legal services to move towards digital solutions. If you are looking for digital mediation services for either a legal separation between spouses, or for your business, our office can help. 

Online Couples Mediation in Cambridge

For years, Deidre Healy’s office has provided family mediation services to couples and families throughout Worcester and the surrounding towns. By utilizing online mediation methods, she can help couples statewide. Deirdre Healy, specializes in guiding couples through every step of the separation process. From initial planning, to providing legal support, to modifying an existing order, Deirdre Healy can help couples save time and avoid headaches when approaching the topic of separation. Mediation can also help with unmarried couples that have children, or couples that are seeking to update parenting time after major life changes including employment and residency. For more information contact Deirdre Healy.  

Digital Business Mediation in Cambridge

Cambridge is home to hundreds of businesses including dozens of start ups and offices. Naturally, every business deals with its fair share of conflicts and problems. With business mediation, employees, owners, and third parties can navigate these issues without taking it to court. Business mediation is founded on the same principles as family mediation services. The process is designed to save time, money, and energy as well as provide solutions that benefit all parties instead of battling it out in the courtroom. Many businesses choose mediation over traditional litigation, because it protects privacy for both the company and the individuals. 

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