Business Mediation in Grafton MA

Grafton Massachusetts is a part of Worcester county. Like many of the surrounding towns, many of the residents travel to Worcester or Greater Boston for their work. Grafton is made up of mainly families as opposed to the cities in Massachusetts. With so many families living together, Grafton has many notable community features including Grafton Center. With her office in Worcester, Deirdre Healy often helps Grafton residents through her couples mediation and business mediation services. Through these services she helps individuals solve disputes without needing to go through expensive and time consuming litigation. 

Couples Mediation in Grafton

Separation is an especially challenging time for a couple. Even more so for couples with children still living at home. Litigation can make separating much more difficult. The long drawn out process is almost designed to heighten problems between individuals and cause fighting. Mediation, on the other hand, helps couples amicably separate. Mediation involves couples working through a single mediator who can handle all of the legal factors of their separation. Mediation is less expensive and helps both members of the couples find solutions that work for them. Transitioning after mediation is also easier, because there is less tension between the individuals. Mediation is more suitable for parents of children who want to work out mutually beneficial arrangements for parenting time. Deirdre Healy is an experience divorce attorney who prefers to work as a mediator, because she values helping couples peacefully navigate their separation. She guides couples as they setup the specifics of their separation order by providing advice where needed. All of the legal steps are taken care of by Deirdre Healy’s office. 

Business Mediation For Companies in Grafton

Deirdre Healy also works with companies throughout the greater Worcester area. Instead of expensive legal battles with months of discovery followed by settlements or civil proceedings, Deirdre Healy uses mediation to help companies solve problems more effectively. She can work with employees, owners, and third parties to help find solutions outside of the courtroom. Truthfully, no company wants to waste money or time on expensive legal proceedings. With business mediation, individuals can work out solutions that work for everyone involved. 

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