Divorce Mediation in Leicester MA

Leicester Massachusetts is a town in Worcester County. There are more than 10,000 people living throughout Leicester, with almost 3,000 families. Men and women in Leicester often work in Worcester or Boston and commute from their suburban homes to either of these two cities. Based in Worcester, Deirdre Healy, provides mediation services to families and businesses in the Leicester area.  

Family Mediation in Leicester

In a traditional divorce, proceedings are brought through a court, and both members of the couple have separate lawyers or legal counsel. The proceedings can be expensive, time-consuming, and are generally negative experiences. Through mediation, couples can peacefully resolve issues outside of the court room with a licensed mediator. Not only does this save time and money, but families can avoid dragging their children through the court system during their separation. Deirdre Healy works compassionately with couples to find win-win solutions and provide parenting time options that work for the entire family. 

Legal Mediation For Businesses in Leicester MA

Beyond working with married couples that are seeking mediation services, Deirdre Healy also works with companies going through business disputes. Businesses can go through many different challenging disputes from finding new ownership, laying off workers, and other similar issues. Instead of losing money hiring multiple lawyers and going through the court system, Deirdre Healy offers businesses her mediation services. These allow businesses to easily navigate finding the right solutions for all involved parties. Instead of wasting weeks going through the long process of lawsuits and courtroom visits, mediation allows everyone to walk way satisfied in the result. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Deirdre in Worcester, Massachusetts, contact her at 508.890.7900 or by email at dhealy@dhealylaw.com