Mediation Services in Leominster MA

Located in Worcester, the Law Office of Deirdre Healy has helped dozens of clients with mediation services. As a family law attorney that specializes in mediation, Deirdre Healy offers her services to couples, families, and businesses through the state of Massachusetts. Clients can either visit her office in person in Worcester or work through online, digital means. Deidre Healy has worked with dozens of clients to help provide the unique benefits of mediation for both businesses and families. 

Online Couples Mediation for Leominster MA

When the pandemic struck in 2020, many legal services had to be handled online. From courts and judges to lawyers and clients, online telecommunication platforms like Zoom became the standard. Deirdre Healy offered online mediation services to couples via telecommunication platforms. As long as all members have internet, a smart device with a camera, and can use an app like Zoom, it is easy for clients to meet and work out legal matters. This process builds on the already existing benefits of mediation by making mediation more accessible. 

Family Mediation Services in Leominster

Choosing to get divorced is a challenging decision to make. But when that decision is made, you still have many decisions ahead of you. Choosing to get mediation can help make the process smoother. Whereas traditional litigation relies on both parties working with separate attorneys and fighting in court, mediation focuses on working together towards a common outcome that is mutually beneficial. Meditation has also been used for couples seeking prenuptial agreements to help make that process collaborative. Mediation is often considered the best option for couples with children because both parents have input into deciding what parenting schedule will work best.

Business Mediation in Leominster

Businesses can benefit from mediation just like families can. Traditional litigation raises many concerns for businesses. It is expensive, time-consuming, and there is no guarantee that you will get the outcome you are looking for. Mediation, on the other hand, allows businesses, employees, freelancers, and other parties to meet together and discuss an outcome that makes sense for everyone involved. Mediation allows all parties to be on equal footing throughout the entire process.

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