Online Mediation Services in Lowell MA

Lowell Massachusetts, has an estimated population of over 110,000 individuals. As a licensed attorney and mediator in Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy serves couples and businesses throughout Massachusetts. Based in Worcester, Deidre Healy usually works with families and offices in the surrounding area, however, since the pandemic started in 2020 she has been working with clients statewide. She offers online digital services that allow clients to seek legal help and mediation through the use of products like Zoom or similar telecommunication. AS long as all parties are able to effectively meet online, she can help them with a variety of legal and mediation services

Online Couples Mediation for Lowell MA

Deidre Healy has provided family mediation services at our office in Worcester for many years. However, the pandemic has caused significant changes to how legal proceedings are undergone in Massachusetts. Our legal system has had to adapt to social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions. For this reason our office has been offering online mediation methods. We offer the same services we have always offered at our office in Worcester to families throughout Massachusetts. Because of the pandemic we have also worked with many couples to help them modify existing court orders from a previous divorce, and handle any issues with parenting time and child support. Mediation is an effective way to reach peaceful solutions through negotiations and guidance from a mediator. For more information about online mediation services please contact Deirdre Healy.  

Digital Business Mediation in Lowell

Any business knows that it conflict is part of work. Whether it be internal conflict, or conflicts between third parties, any business that has been around for a while is aware of the potential issues that can rise from conflict. With business mediation, employees, owners, and third parties can navigate these issues without taking it to court. Similar to mediation for families, all of the parties work together through compromises and negotiations to find a settlement that works best for everyone. Deirdre Healy would be happy to answer any of your questions about business mediation and this process. The process is designed to save money, time, and maintain privacy for all of the parties involved. 

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