Online Mediation Services in New Bedford MA

New Bedford Massachusetts is the sixth-largest municipality in the state. As a licensed mediator and divorce counselor in the state of Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy, has provided her services to couples and businesses for years. Recently, Deirdre Healy has expanded her services to include online mediation. Online mediation is a great way for couples and businesses throughout Massachusetts to legally handle issues without going through the court process. As a licensed attorney, Deirdre Healy handles of the legal legwork, while couples businesses can focus on getting the best outcome out of their mediation services.

Online Couples Mediation for New Bedford MA

Deidre Healy has provided family mediation services at her office in Worcester for years. However, at the start of the nationwide pandemic in 2020, almost all legal services had to transition to online services. Although the transition was difficult at first, many lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals realized some of the key benefits of online legal servies. For families that are looking to separate, working with a mediator is a great choice. Mediators help couples amicably separate with a goal of finding solutions that work equally for all parties involved. Compared to a traditional court battle, mediation is inexpensive, less time-consuming, and emotionally/mentally healthier for couples and their children. A mediator can help you work out parenting time, modify existing orders to meet new needs, and can help with all the steps of legal separation. For more information about online mediation services please contact Deirdre Healy.  

Digital Business Mediation in New Bedford

Aside from couples, Deirdre Healy works with businesses throughout Massachusetts to provide legal support. Our business mediation services are designed to help employees, owners, and third parties handle issues without needing to go to court. Just like mediation for families, business mediation aims to avoid court costs, legal fees, and provide faster results. Another great aspect of mediation is that both employees and business owners can maintain privacy. Meetings between the mediator and the parties involved are designed to find compromises and solutions instead of dig up dirt and fight over assets. This process can greatly improve results for all involved while not eating up weeks or months in litigation. 

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