Mediation Services in Northborough MA

Our office is located in Worcester and serves couples throughout the county as well as throughout the state. Deirdre Healy is a family law attorney that specializes in helping couples with divorce mediation as well as other types of mediation. Her clients can visit in person at her office in Worcester, or work with her online by utilizing telecommunication apps. Deirdre Healy has helped dozens of clients handle their legal issues through the process of mediation.

Online Couples Mediation for Northborough MA

During 2020, many legal services had to shift to online processes. Although this transition was difficult at first for some law practices as well as the courts, it has provided unique benefits. Online legal services make it easier for individuals to meet with their lawyers, mediators, etc. This is especially helpful for couples that live far away from one another. For this reason, we continue to provide online mediation services to couples that live in Massachusetts. As long as both parties have internet access, a webcam, and a telecommunication app, we can schedule meetings virtually to discuss mediation. 

Family Mediation Services in Northborough

The choice to end a marriage is a difficult one, but the following process doesn’t need to be as difficult. Traditional litigation comes with many inherent downsides that can be avoided entirely by working with a mediator. Mediation provides control, privacy, and is both less expensive and less time-consuming. By working with a mediator, both members of the couple have control over the desired outcome. As long as couples can agree to meet and work together on a common solution, mediation is a very smooth process. Traditional divorce leaves the final end result up to the will of the court and judge, whereas couples have complete control over the process when they work with a mediator. 

Business Mediation in Northborough

Businesses can also benefit from mediation just like families can. Traditional litigation also hurts businesses. Whether you are an employee, a contractor, or a CEO, you likely do not have the time to go through a long-drawn-out litigation process. Additionally, funding litigation can be a struggle for small businesses and independent contractors. Business mediation provides control, privacy, and a streamlined approach to handling a business dispute. All parties work together to reach one conclusion that works for everyone.

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