Mediation Services in Oxford MA

Deirdre Healy provides mediation services to couples and businesses from her office in Worcester. She often works with people from around Worcester county including in Oxford. Oxford clients have the option to either meet in person at her office in Worcester, or utilize our online mediation services. For clients who are unable to meet together in person for their mediation services, digital mediation is a great alternative. 

Online Couples Mediation for Oxford MA

During 2020, like many court systems, Deidre Healy adapted her practice to involve hybrid services that allowed families and businesses to get mediation online. By using telecommunication apps like Zoom, couples and businesses can communicate with Deidre Healy online. In fact, many couples actually prefer online mediation as it allows for more flexible schedules. In cases where couples are already physically separated, digital mediation makes it easier to meet without requiring couples to travel extensive distances. As long as all parties have access to a computer or smartphone that has a working webcam and microphone, digital mediation is relatively simple. Deirdre Healy can help couples figure out parenting time, modify existing court orders, and help couples separate amicably without high legal costs.

Family Mediation Services in Oxford

Through family mediation services Deirdre Healy has helped many couples (both married and unmarried) successfully separate. Mediation is often chosen over traditional litigation as it allows couples to avoid expensive long-drawn-out litigation. In traditional litigation, couples can spend months battling in the court with one side often feeling as though they were treated unfairly. Mediation on the other hand aims to find solutions that benefit all parties.

Business Mediation in Oxford

Beyond working with couples and families, Deirdre Healy also lends her services to businesses in Massachusetts. Whether there is a disagreement between owners of a business, different businesses, or third parties, some business disputes require legal courses of action. However, much like couples, parties in business disputes may fear the negatives of traditional litigation. Litigation is not private, it is expensive, it can take a very long time, and it can drain businesses and employees of their resources. Mediation conversely allows businesses, employees, and third parties to privately work towards a common agreement that works for all parties. 

Contact Deirdre Healy’s Mediation Office

For more information on Deirdre Healy’s mediation services or to set up an online appointment with Deirdre Healy’s office in Worcester, please contact her office at 508.890.7900 or by email at

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