Business Mediation in Paxton MA

Paxton Massachusetts is a town in Worcester County. It is one of the smaller towns in Worcester County and the central Massachusetts area overall. However, the small area is home to many families that work in and around Worcester country. With her office in Worcester, Deirdre Healy provides mediation services to both couples and businesses in Paxton, Massachusetts. With mediation services offered locally to Worcester families and businesses, groups can effectively navigate the separation process or business disputes outside of the courtroom. 

Couples Mediation in Paxton

Separation can be a challenging and complex process. Traditionally, couples seeking to get a divorce would have to go through the court system. Both parties would hire their own attorneys and prepare separate cases. The judge would make decisions throughout the process on everything ranging from the custody of children to ownership of assets. This process has often been criticized for being expensive, drawn-out, and for creating situations where one member of the couple fares better than the other. Through couples mediation, a couple can peacefully separate by working with a single lawyer. There are no court dates, limited legal fees, and no one has to be dragged into court as a character witness. This allows couples, and especially parents, the ability to amicably divorce without causing more problems and conflict. If you are considering divorce, you should talk to your spouse about mediation and whether or not it might be better for you and your family.

Business Mediation For Companies in Paxton

Much like couples mediation, business mediation avoids the issues of traditional legal battles to help companies efficiently and quietly deal with disputes. As long as all parties are able to sit down and work with a mediator, solutions can be found that will benefit all the groups involved. Many businesses seek mediation because it is cost-effective, private, and less time-consuming. For business owners, every day spent preparing a case and attending court dates is a day wasted. For former employees or business partners, mediation provides confidentiality and the opportunity to be in control of the outcome instead of leaving things up to a legal battle. Learn more on business mediation by visiting our service page

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