Mediation Services in Princeton MA

With our office located in Worcester MA, we see clients throughout the state of Massachusetts. Deidre Healy provides mediation services to both businesses and families both in-person and virtually. Through the process of mediation, both couples and businesses can work towards better solutions and outcomes that provide win-win scenarios. Mediation has many benefits over traditional litigation including the fact that it helps individuals save time, money, and get better outcomes.

Digital Couples Mediation for Princeton MA

Back in 2020, many legal offices had to find online means to work with their clients. During this time there were many obstacles that needed to be overcome, but the resulting process has provided many unique benefits. Through digital mediation couples who cannot come into an office for any reason can still meet with a mediator. As long as both members of the couple have access to a computer with a web camera and internet, they can use online telecommunication systems to meet with their mediator. This is ideal for couples that might be living in separate locations where it is difficult for them to schedule time in-person together. If you need a flexible option for mediation, online services might work for you.

Family Mediation Services in Princeton Massachusetts

Our office provides a variety of legal and mediation services for couples and families throughout Massachusetts. Couples can work with Deirdre to help with anything from starting the separation process to modifying existing court orders to creating a pre or post-nuptial agreement. Mediation has a variety of benefits for couples. One of the most important benefits is that it allows couples to have complete control over the outcome. While it is true that couples need to be able to collaborate and work together, no agreement can be made without your explicit consent. Compared to traditional litigation, this allows everyone to have a say in the eventual outcome.

Business Mediation in Princeton MA

Similar to family mediation, businesses can also seek benefits from the mediation process. Going to court has a lot of drawbacks. It can be overly expensive which might discourage some employees or companies from seeking solutions. It can be a time-consuming process that leads to lost revenue for businesses or employees. And the lack of privacy can negatively impact the reputation of the business or employee. However, by contrast, mediation allows employees, vendors, and company managers to privately and quickly find solutions to their disputes.

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