Divorce Mediation in Shrewsbury MA

Shrewsbury Massachusetts is a part of Worcester County. It features a suburban community comprised of more than 40,000 residents. As it is only 10 minutes from downtown Wocester, Deirdre Healy and her team often work with couples and businesses in Shrewsbury to find compromise solutions to disputes.

Family Mediation Services in Shrewsbury

Contrary to typical traditional divorce, mediation allow families and married couples to peacefully separate. Traditionally divorce proceedings involve two separate lawyers each building a case for their client. With mediation, Deirdre Healy can work with both members of the couple simultaneously to promote compromise and win-win outcomes for everyone. Working out custody can be one of the most challenging aspects of separation, and even couples without children can struggle to find solutions that don’t feel in favor of one member of the couple. That is why working with an experienced mediator like Deirdre Healy is so important. Licensed mediators can help couples go through the separation process without expensive court fees. 

Legal Mediation For Shrewsbury Businesses

Deirdre Healy doesn’t just provide her mediation services for married couples seeking separation. Businesses can also benefit from having a licensed mediator with years of legal experience. For businesses in Shrewsbury, Deirdre Healy can offer mediation help. Similar to couples mediation, business mediation seeks to work with all involved parties to reach solutions that everyone is satisfied with. Business disputes can become very expensive and can become a long-drawn-out process that involves multiple courtroom visits, lawyers, lawsuits, and headaches. Working with a mediator is the simplest way to reach a mutually beneficial solution.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Deirdre in Worcester, Massachusetts, contact her at 508.890.7900 or by email at dhealy@dhealylaw.com