Mediation Services in Southbridge MA

The Law Office of Deirdre Healy is located in Worcester. As a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy offers her services throughout the state. For residents in Southbridge Massachusetts, you can visit Deirdre Healy’s office in person or utilize her online mediation services. Deidre Healy works with both couples and businesses that are looking to utilize the mediation process to guide and solve legal disputes.  

Online Couples Mediation for Southbridge MA

In 2020, legal services had to adapt to state and federal guidelines concerning the pandemic. This led to a stiff rise in digitally held meetings between attorneys, judges, and clients. While adapting to this new normal Deirdre Healy’s office began offering online mediation services. Clients can utilize this service provided a few prerequisites. All parties must have access to the internet and a device that can utilize a telecommunication application like Zoom. As long as all parties can meet on time through online means, the mediation process can continue exactly the same way it happens in person. In fact, many couples and businesses have actually preferred online mediaiton as it allows for more flexibility for clients that are already separated by distance. Online mediation makes it easier to find times where everyone can meet and discuss the details of their case. 

Family Mediation Services in Southbridge

Choosing to separate is a large decision that individuals should not take lightly. That being said, when the decision is made, there are follow up decisions to consider. Choosing how to legally separate is of high importance. Many couples opt for mediation for a variety of reasons. Traditional litigation pits both parties against each other and can lead to more fighting. Mediation is often more affordable, less time-consuming, and can lead to better outcomes. Additionally, it has unique benefits for parents with children. When discussing parenting time with a mediator, both parents can work on a plan that is ideal for them. Additionally, because mediation requires that couples work together towards a common solution, it is easier for the family to transition into their new schedule.

Business Mediation in Southbridge

Businesses enjoy the same benefits of mediation as couples do. When there is a legal dispute internally or externally for a business, parties can choose to work with a mediator to reach an agreement. This is beneficial for all parties involved. Mediation protects privacy, decreases cost, and decreases time, allows individuals to avoid wasting too much time away from work. More importantly, mediation puts all parties on equal footing. When it comes to business, there is often a fear that the other side might have more resources or better access to legal counsel. Working together with a mediator takes out this competitive element.

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