Mediation Services in Spencer MA

Located in Worcester Massachusetts, our office has helped many different couples throughout the Worcester County area and the surrounding towns. Deirdre Healy is an experienced and compassionate mediator who works with couples and businesses. Individuals can either meet her at our office in Worcester or use our online mediation services. Through mediation businesses and couples retain control over their outcomes while also working towards solutions that are mutually beneficial for all involved parties.

Digital Couples Mediation for Spencer MA

In 2020, many legal services had to move out of the courtroom and onto online digital platforms. This transition certainly had its speedbumps, but many of us feel we are better for it. Online legal services make it much easier for individuals living far away from each other to meet with lawyers and mediators. As long as couples have access to a computer with a web camera and internet access, they can meet for their mediation appointments. Even as the pandemic ends we intend to continue to offer our services both in-person and online when possible. We believe that having flexible options will make it easier for the mediation process. 

Family Mediation Services in Spencer Massachusetts

We offer a variety of legal services through mediation to individuals in Spencer. Mediation is not just for divorce. Couples can get mediation to modify existing court orders or for a prenuptial agreement. Mediation has the distinct benefit of keeping the individuals in control. All decisions are made by the clients and are made together. This can prevent either party from feeling slighted by the process. Deirdre Healy helps clients throughout the entire process to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. So whether you are looking to get legally separated, need to figure out parenting time, or are looking to modify an existing order, she can help. 

Business Mediation in Spencer MA

Just like with family mediation, businesses can also benefit from the process. Staying out of traditional litigation and the courtroom has many benefits. The traditional litigation system is long and often expensive. This expense can be prohibitive. By working with mediators clients including business owners, employees, and third parties can ensure that they have a hand in the final outcome of their dispute. For more information about business mediation please click here.

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For more information on Deirdre Healy’s mediation services or to set up an online appointment with Deirdre Healy’s office in Worcester, please contact her office at 508.890.7900 or by email at

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