Online Mediation Services in Springfield MA

Springfield Massachusetts, is Massachusetts’ third largest city in population. With more than 150,000 residents, Springfield is home to hundreds of families and businesses. As a licensed attorney and mediator in Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy works with couples and businesses throughout the state with her digital/online mediation services. In early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic caused many legal proceedings to shift towards digital solutions. Entire court cases were done through telecommunication platforms like Zoom. Drastic changes in life also led to much needed changes in existing divorce orders. For this reason, it became essential that Deirdre offer both in person services at our office in Worcester and online services. If you are looking for digital mediation solutions for either you and your spouse, or for your business, Deirdre Healy would be happy to help. 

Online Couples Mediation for Springfield MA

For years, Deidre Healy’s office have provided family mediation services at our office in Worcester. Recently, due to the pandemic, our office has shifted to online mediation methods. Deirdre Healy now offers offers the same legal services she offered in our office in Worcester, to couples and families statewide. Deirdre Healy, specializes in leading partners through every step of the separation process through mediation. This include meeting with clients via Zoom or another telecommunication app to discuss their separation, and providing legal support. Deirdre Healy also helps couples modify existing order relative to divorce and separation. Deirdre Healy can help couples save time and avoid headaches when approaching the topic of separation. Mediation also works for unmarried couples with children. For more information contact Deirdre Healy.  

Digital Business Mediation in Springfield

Springfield has many businesses. And even outside of a pandemic, it isn’t rare for businesses to struggle with the occasional conflict. Whether conflicts are between employees, third parties, or business partners, business mediation offers many advantages to traditional litigation. With business mediation, employees, owners, and and additional parties can navigate these issues without taking it to court. The process is designed to save money, time, and maintain privacy for all of the parties involved. Overall, business mediation is a quicker process that leads to better outcomes that multiple parties battling in a courtroom.

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