Mediation Services in Uxbridge MA

The Law Office of Deirdre Healy is located in Worcester. As a licensed attorney in Massachusetts, Deirdre Healy offers her services throughout the state. For residents in Uxbridge Massachusetts, you can visit Deirdre Healy’s office in person or utilize her online mediation services. Deidre Healy works with both couples and businesses that are looking to utilize the mediation process to guide and solve legal disputes.  

Online Couples Mediation for Uxbridge MA

During 2020, many legal services needed to find online parameters in order to keep the public safe. For this reason, our law office in Worcester adjusted to providing online mediation services. Through this process, clients could meet with a mediator online. All it requires is for all parties to have access to a laptop, phone, or tablet that is connected to the internet and has a microphone and camera. Once that is established, clients can use an online telecommunications platform to meet with their mediator and discuss their separation and any other legal matters. 

Family Mediation Services in Uxbridge

Divorce and separation is a difficult time and large decision for any couple. When that decision gets made, mediation can help decrease the stress and logistics needed to finalize the separation and create the court order. Many couples choose mediation over traditional litigation because it is quick, private, and helps couples get the results that they would like. It is especially helpful for couples with children. By working out the details of your legal separation privately, children do not need to be dragged into the middle of the proceedings. Additionally, parents will often choose mediation so that parenting time can be decided collaboratively. 

Business Mediation in Uxbridge

Businesses throughout Worcester and the surrounding towns can greatly benefit from mediation. Just like with couples, business mediation aims to help all parties reach a conclusion that is beneficial for them. There are a variety of reasons that businesses choose mediation. Mediation provides privacy, decreases time, and is a lot less complicated than traditional litigation. But most importantly, mediation allows all parties to be on equal footing throughout the entire process. By working with a mediator you can ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that the final result is mutually beneficial. 

Contact Deirdre Healy’s Mediation Office

For more information on Deirdre Healy’s mediation services or to set up an online appointment with Deirdre Healy’s office in Worcester, please contact her office at 508.890.7900 or by email at

Disclaimer: Contacting via email or phone does not establish attorney/client privilege.