Divorce Mediation in Worcester

There are many reasons that a couple seeks mediation services. Contrary to traditional divorce, mediation services allow couples to respectfully transition out of married life. Through guided communication and work with a mediator, it is possible to create outcomes that benefit all parties involved. Deirdre Healy, helps Worcester couples through the mediation process. Instead of subjecting couples to lengthy and expensive divorce proceedings, Deirdre Healy is able to help couples seek a peaceful and amicable resolution.

Family Mediation Services in Worcester

With Deirdre Healy’s mediation services, families can discuss custody and maintaining healthy relationships with their children. Often, married couples seeking divorce report that figuring out custody is one of the highest concerns going into Divorce proceedings. Through mediation, families can figure out the best solution for both parents and children. The key to successful mediation services is working with a mediation lawyer that is dedicated to supporting all the members of the family’s best interests.

Legal Mediation For Worcester Businesses

For companies in Wocester that are seeking business mediation, Deidre Healy can help. Mediation services are on of the most effective ways to solve legal issues and disputes within a company. Business mediation saves companies both time and money while also preventing any damage to the relationships between employees and management. The key to business mediation is open communication outside of the court room, where all involved parties can effectively discuss their goals and expectations leaving the negotiation. Deirdre Healy specializes in business mediation services for companies in the Wocester area and she is a trained attorney who knows that in the interest of saving time and money, finding solutions outside of the courtroom is best. 

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Deirdre in Worcester, Massachusetts, contact her at 508.890.7900 or by email at dhealy@dhealylaw.com